Monokini Swimsuits For Women

William Bolt
10 min readApr 6, 2024



Dive into the world of stylish and confident women’s swimwear with our roundup of the best monokinis. Discover the perfect mix of comfort and fashion as we showcase a selection of monokinis that are sure to turn heads at the beach or poolside. Get ready to elevate your swimwear game with our top picks for monokinis that are both trendy and timeless.

The Top 5 Best Monokini Swimsuits For Women

  1. Floral Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit for Women — Bring sunshine to the beach with this elegant Flower Ruffled Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit featuring removable cups, medium bust support, and ruffled lace detail.
  2. Stylish Cutout Monokini Swimsuit with Ombre Dip Dye — Embrace modern glamour with Cupshe’s Abstract Ombre Pink Monokini Swimsuit, featuring cutting-edge design and removable soft cups for a perfect fit.
  3. Bright Blush Pink Monokini Swimsuit for Women — Dive into summer fashion with the Salt + Cove Precious monokini, featuring a scoop neckline, back hook closure, and unique cutout design.
  4. Sensational Braided Monokini Swimsuit — Perfect for Summer Fun! — Experience the perfect balance of coverage and sizzling style with the Braid-Side Monokini One-Piece Swimsuit from Shade & Shore.
  5. Elegant Kiwi Monokini with Detachable Cups and Adjustable Straps — Embrace summer style with the Soluna Shell One-Piece Swimsuit in Kiwi at Nordstrom, featuring high-quality fabric, customizable fit, and a trendy cut-out design, all while ensuring proper care for an elegant and comfortable experience.

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Floral Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit for Women

Floral Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit for Women | Image

Dive into the world of elegance with the Women’s Cupshe Flower Ruffled Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit. This stylish and chic swimsuit boasts a beautiful sunny floral design, delicate ruffles, and a captivating lace-back detail that will make you stand out at the beach or poolside. It’s available in a variety of sizes, including this XS Blue edition, so you can find the perfect fit.

One of the highlights of this swimsuit is its removable cups, which provide medium bust support while allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference. The wide straps and lace-up design provide added comfort and versatility, ensuring that you’ll feel confident and stylish all day long. Additionally, the classic bum coverage offers a flattering fit, while the back cutout adds a touch of playfulness to the design.

However, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. The fabric pattern is random, which means you may not always get a matching pattern on both sides of the ruffle. Additionally, the swimsuit may run slightly large, so be sure to check the sizing chart to find the best fit for your body type.

Overall, the Women’s Cupshe Flower Ruffled Lace-Back One Piece Swimsuit is a stylish and flattering choice for women at the beach or pool. With its unique design and comfortable fit, you’ll be ready to make a splash in style this summer season.

Stylish Cutout Monokini Swimsuit with Ombre Dip Dye

Stylish Cutout Monokini Swimsuit with Ombre Dip Dye | Image

Slipping into Cupshe x Stassie’s abstract abalone cutout monokini swimsuit, I felt like I was diving straight into a daydream. The vibrant pink hue added a pop of color to my summer wardrobe, while the asymmetrical neckline and one-shoulder design offered both style and sophistication. The wide straps and detachable soft cups made for a comfortable fit that I could easily wear all day. I especially appreciated the ombre wash and subtle lurex shimmer, which made this swimsuit stand out in a crowd.

With 11 stellar reviews, I wasn’t the only one in awe of this stunning piece. Many reviewers complimented its elegance, comfort, and flattering fit. They loved the modern-cheeky style and how the monokini swamsuit looked effortlessly chic. The only downside, it seems, was the need for regular washing, and possibly reattaching the detachable cups.

Overall, I am beyond thrilled with my experience — not only did the swimsuit look and feel fantastic, but it also brought a sense of confidence and flair to my summer get-togethers. If you’re in the market for a stylish, comfortable swimsuit, I’d highly recommend giving this Cupshe x Stassie number a try — just make sure you’re prepared for the compliments it’s sure to bring.

Bright Blush Pink Monokini Swimsuit for Women

Bright Blush Pink Monokini Swimsuit for Women | Image

I recently tried the Precious one-piece monokini from Salt + Cove, made exclusively for Macy’s. This vibrant blush pink suit perfectly fits my XS size with a 30B cup measurement. It’s a real stunner when I wear it poolside! The scooped neckline and back hook closure make it an effortless fit. The lining is made of polyester, while the shell features a mix of polyester, nylon, spandex, and metallic threads, combining for a striking design. The cutout in the back with ring hardware adds a fun twist, and the skimpy bottom provides just the right amount of coverage. The suit is imported, so it’s stylish and unique.

Before adding it to my swim bag, I washed it by hand as recommended. It’s a little pricier than some suits at $39.99, but with the premium quality and original design, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Overall, it’s a chic addition to any pool wardrobe, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever I wear it.

Sensational Braided Monokini Swimsuit — Perfect for Summer Fun!

Sensational Braided Monokini Swimsuit - Perfect for Summer Fun! | Image

Slip into the trendy Braid-Side Monokini One-Piece Swimsuit from Shade and Shore. The vibrant shade of red not only captures attention but also enhances your confidence when sunning or swimming.

The best part? The one-piece design offers just the right balance of coverage up front while the open back boasts a sultry feel. Plus, the strappy sides add an exciting texture to the overall ensemble.

Adjustable straps ensure a well-fitted swimsuit, and the removable cups provide that extra touch of customization that makes this piece a must-have for any sun-soaked adventures.

Elegant Kiwi Monokini with Detachable Cups and Adjustable Straps

Elegant Kiwi Monokini with Detachable Cups and Adjustable Straps | Image

I recently tried on the Soluna Shell One-Piece Swimsuit in Kiwi at Nordstrom and had an interesting experience. The swimsuit is made of 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex that gives this maillot a perfect blend of stretch and comfort, ideal for all-day wear. I particularly loved the exquisite shell trim detail on the bandeau, which adds a unique touch of elegance.

Unfortunately, I faced an issue when attempting to adjust the straps to get the perfect fit. I believe the product could have benefited from clearer strap adjustment instructions. Overall, the swimsuit is quite stylish due to its trendy cut-out front neckline, and it gives off a modern and upscale vibe. I only wish there was more information on how to properly care for this garment as it could extend the life of this swimsuit.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to picking the perfect monokini swimsuit for women, there are a variety of factors to consider. From the cut and style to the material and fit, it’s essential to choose a swimsuit that complements your unique style and body type. In this buyer’s guide, we will focus on the essential features, considerations, and advice to help you find the perfect monokini swimsuit for your next beach adventure.


Consideration 1: Cut and Style

Monokinis come in a variety of cuts, each offering a unique fit and style. Some popular cuts include the standard high-waisted monokini, the low-waisted monokini, and the halterneck monokini. Consider your comfort level and personal preferences when choosing the cut that best suits you. Additionally, think about pairing your monokini with accessories like belts or statement jewelry to enhance your look.

Consideration 2: Material and Fit

The material and fit of your monokini swimsuit are essential for both comfort and style. Look for a swimsuit made from high-quality, quick-drying material such as polyester or nylon. This will ensure your swimsuit lasts longer and remains comfortable even after multiple poolside or beachside adventures. When it comes to fit, choose a style that flatters your body shape and makes you feel confident. Don’t forget to pay attention to the support offered by the swimsuit, as a well-fitting monokini should provide adequate support for your bust while remaining comfortable to wear.


Consideration 3: Color and Pattern

Monokinis come in a variety of colors and patterns, so have fun experimenting with different styles. If you’re unsure about bolder patterns, consider pairing your monokini with a solid-colored or printed bikini top. This will create a chic and stylish look that complements your unique personal style. Additionally, consider how the color and pattern of your monokini will look when wet — choose a color or pattern that compliments this change in appearance.

Consideration 4: Price Range

Monokinis can range in price, depending on the brand, quality, and features. When shopping for a monokini, set a budget that works for you and keep an eye out for sales or discount codes. It’s essential to find a swimsuit that fits your budget without compromising on quality, comfort, and style. Don’t forget to factor in additional costs such as shipping or return fees.



What is a monokini swimsuit?

A monokini swimsuit is a one-piece swimsuit that combines the features of a bikini and a regular one-piece swimsuit. It typically features a bikini-style bottom with a small or no panty line, along with a fitted top that usually covers the midriff area. Monokinis can come in various cuts and styles, making them a versatile option for women.

Monokinis offer a balanced blend of comfort and style, as they provide ample coverage while still allowing for ease of movement in water. These swimsuits are ideal for those who prefer a beachy, relaxed look that is both chic and practical for water activities like swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling.


What are the benefits of wearing a monokini swimsuit?

Wearing a monokini swimsuit comes with several benefits. Firstly, it offers the best of both worlds by combining the convenience of a one-piece suit with the fashionable look of a bikini. This provides the wearer with the added comfort and versatility of a one-piece but still maintains the stylish look of a two-piece swimsuit.

Secondly, monokinis are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. This allows women to choose a style that matches their personal preferences, body shape, and beach accessories. Additionally, monokinis come in various cutlines and fabrics, offering options that cater to different weather conditions and activities.

What are some popular styles of monokini swimsuits?

Some popular styles of monokini swimsuits include the halterneck, bandeau, and triangle top designs. These classic styles typically feature a knot at the back of the neck, a tie or clip at the bust, or a pair of strings across the shoulders that tie at the back. Many monokinis also have a built-in or removable push-up padding for an added lift and support.

Other popular monokini styles include the underwire and moulded cup designs, which offer greater support and a more structured appearance. These designs may also come with adjustable straps, allowing for a more customized fit. Some monokinis even have cutouts and mesh inserts for a more revealing look.


Are monokini swimsuits suitable for all body types?

Yes, monokini swimsuits are suitable for all body types. They come in a variety of sizes, cuts, and styles to cater to different figure types. It is essential to choose a monokini that flatters your body shape, accentuates your best features, and makes you feel confident and stylish. Many swimwear brands offer an extensive range of sizes to ensure that women of all shapes and sizes can find a swimsuit that fits them comfortably and stylishly.

Additionally, some monokinis are specifically designed for women with larger cup sizes, providing ample support and coverage. These swimsuits may feature thicker and more durable materials in the bust area or integrated underwires to provide a more tailored fit and a comfortable, secure feel during water activities.

What material is best for a monokini swimsuit?

When selecting a monokini swimsuit, it is essential to consider the material used. The best materials for swimwear are lightweight, quick-drying, and chlorine-resistant. Some popular materials for swimsuits include nylon-spandex blends, polyester, and chlorine-resistant nylon. These materials are designed to provide excellent water resistance, UV protection, and excellent stretch and comfort.

Moreover, some monokinis may be made from sustainable or eco-friendly materials, which is an important factor for those who prioritize environmental conservation. It is essential to read the care instructions for your swimsuit material, as some materials may require specific washing or care instructions to prolong their life and maintain their quality.

Can monokini swimsuits be worn for swimming and other water activities?

Absolutely! Monokini swimsuits are designed to be versatile and suitable for various water activities, such as swimming, snorkelling, paddleboarding, and more. The bottoms of these swimsuits are often constructed with quick-drying and chlorine-resistant materials to ensure that they dry quickly and maintain their vibrant colors.

Additionally, monokinis come in a variety of cuts and styles to cater to different water sports, providing optimal comfort and support for each activity. For instance, a one-piece swimsuit with a halterneck tie may be ideal for a day of swimming and sunbathing, while a swimsuit with a more sporty design and higher legs may be preferable for paddleboarding or water aerobics. By choosing the right monokini for your water activities, you can enjoy greater comfort and confidence in the water.

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